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1Touch Repair
As good as new - ASAP

Most vehicle damage is incurred at slow speed and the resulting damage often looks far worse than it is. Provided your vehicle has not sustained major structural damage, we can usually repair it to its original standard in a fraction of the time it would take at a traditional accident repair shop.

This is because with a traditional repair service your vehicle will wait in line behind others that have sustained structural damage while parts are ordered and major repairs are carried out.

Repair quality is paramount and our approach ensures that you benefit from considerable time-saving and enjoy lower associated costs with no corners being cut. Your vehicle will be repaired to 100% original standard.


People often delay repairing unsightly damage because of the inconvenience of being without a car.


For most 1Touch repairs, one of our technicians takes total ownership of that individual job. They take great pride in their craftsmanship and it shows.

1Touch_03_Quality Control

You can pick it up looking good as new knowing the work carries a lifetime guarantee and your Customer Liaison Manager will take you through the repair journey step by step.

It’s great for your car

At 1Touch, when we repair your car we mean it comes back to you in pristine condition – nothing less than ‘as good as new’ will do. We will repair rather than replace whenever possible, protecting your vehicle’s structural integrity.  This way you can rest assured it really is your car that we return to you.

Not only that, if the repair can be completed for less than the excess payable on your insurance policy, we let you know.  This way you save money and protect your no claims bonus.


And great for the environment…

We believe in repairing rather than replacing parts wherever possible so we save on environmental cost of their manufacture and transport. We also use low energy spray booths and recycle over 80% or our waste.

What’s more, thanks to our use of the most environmentally friendly materials and techniques our VOC emissions are less than 40% of the legal limit.

Best repair garage ever.

1Touch - March 2017

No fuss and the communication was very good. Timing good. No moans at all – from me I mean! Thanks a lot. Hope I don’t need you anymore!

1Touch - March 2017

The chap who picked up the car was very helpful. The did the work on the car very quickly.

1Touch - March 2017

Excellent Service. Thank you.

1Touch - March 2017

Prompt friendly and knowledgeable service with a smile. Very competent.

1Touch - March 2017

Good prompt Service.

1Touch - March 2017